Professor Susan Krumdieck Research Contributions

AEMSLab and Transition Engineering Lab 


Energy Balance 

Energy is fundamental in all of our activities. The global demand for energy is ever increasing, however the ability to fairly meet this demand now and in the future is diminishing. The environmental impact of high energy use is becoming increasingly apparent. Therefore, minimising the impact while supplying energy needs in an equitable manner is motivation for research in the energy field.

Transport Transition Beyond Oil

Domestic transport is one of the largest uses of energy in New Zealand as well as resulting in 18% of New Zealand's green house gas emissions. Land use and urban form significantly affect transport demand and travel behaviour. The transport projects assess travel demand and risks associated with constrained fuel situations.

Transition Engineering

Transition and continuity planning is the process of evolving our current cities and regions into places that are more sustainable and will function in the future. A number of towns and cities around the world and in New Zealand are undergoing the transition process. Development of the Transition Engineering Lab Process and the professional Transition Lab Playbook for consultants and companies is a major milestone in 2024 for the discipline. 

Thin Film Materials Processing Invention

Pulsed-Pressure Metalorgainc Chemical Vapor Deposition (PP-MOCVD) is a process to make thin film materials that is being developed by the AEMS Lab. This process can use low-toxicity precursors and much less energy than conventional manufacturing. The efficiency is also much higher, so there is less chemical waste. 

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