RECATS for Freight 

A peak on oil production is expected in a near future and there are several indicators showing that current and future demands will not be met. Oil shortage events are likely to heavily impact on freight transport, which will also affect all other sectors of the economy, as agriculture and industry. High prices and fuel shortages may lead to collapse of commercial hauling companies both in New Zealand and overseas. Despite the well known consequences of fuel availability crisis no method or technique that addresses this issue has been developed yet.

This research aims to develop a method to assess the risks associated to urban, regional and national development forms and for freight transport system in case of a future fuel shortage. Also, the development forms that cause higher and lower risk to loss of commercial activities will be identified in order to help policy and decision makers to increase New Zealand’s resilience and reduce the impacts of a fuel shortage event. This goal will be met trough the development of a method to communicate information from energy analysis to the land and transport planners by means of risk assessment and mitigation measures for land-use forms.

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