AEMSLab Energy Projects

Geothermal in New Zealand

AEMSLab PhD students and post-doctoral researchers are focusing on modelling the components and thermal systems for geothermal power conversion.

Adaptive Design and Dynamic Modelling Project - sponsored by MightyRiver Power

Chemically Reacting Flow Modelling of Silica Deposition - sponsored by MightyRiver Power

Green Energy System Design for low temperature geothermal resources using Organic Rankin Cycles - FRST funding with Heavy Engineering Research Association of New Zealand (HERA) and industrial partners

Energy Systems for Small Islands

Renewable energy technology for the Maldives. This study examines the potential of renewable energy in the Maldives to encourage movement away from the current fossil-fuel dependency.

Sustainability on the Ice

This study examined the potential to reduce fuel use by introducing demand side management for wind-diesel hybrid energy systems. Scott Base, New Zealand's Antarctic research station was used as a case-study.

Demand Side Management for Residential Electricity

Can information about the electricity supply system produce more equitable and reliable voluntary demand response to reduce peak load than just hitting customers with high prices? This project broke new ground in human intellegence integration into power system control for security of supply, cost management and emisions reduction.

The ORC Vaporizer at Mokai Geothermal Power Plant

Model of the ORC Vaporizer

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