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Visit Professor Krumdieck's YouTube Channel    @profkrumdieck

It Starts Here and Now.  Public Lecture at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Transition Engineering - Practical Applications  The Sustainability Story with Matt Orsagh

Transition Engineering - Making it Real,  Where Ideas Launch Podcast on Spotify with Katheryn Byam

The Big Ideas Videos     NEW You Tube channel with professionally made videos of the key vision-shifting ideas behind the Transition Engineering movement.

Podcast by Happen Films     Rethinking our reliance on more renewables and EV's to reduce emissions. Can you "fight climate change" by manufacturing and buying and subsidising MORE of anything?  Is there virtuous consumption?

Overshoot   This presentation was given on the same day to the national conference of coal miners and oil extractors, and to the large group that staged climate protests against the Minerals Forum in Dunedin 2019.

Sustainable Energy    Radio New Zealand interview on Nine to Noon 2020

Time is Running Out   Radio New Zealand interview on Transition Engineering

Transition Engineering    "We must take action on climate change" - What will we actually do and who will do it?  This video is an invited lecture at the 3rd Science for Energy Scenarios seminar in Les Houches, France. The theme of the seminar was Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI) and how this analysis informs future scenarios. This presentation has an example of an energy transition project being undertaken with students at Grenoble. 

What is the Ultimate Challenge?    Prof Krumdieck was asked to give a lecture to the Leadership NZ workshop that would challenge them and generate discussion for a weekend.

Podcast on People Behind the Science, a website in the USA with focus on the life journey of people who become researchers.

Interview on Transition Engineering   Saturday Morning with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand National, 12 April 9:08am

Podcast on Transition Engineering and Green Energy Faith-Based Technology

Podcast on Transition Engineering - Ideas Beyond Targets on Forethought

Challenging the Status Quo   Dr. Krumdieck was asked to challenge a group of business leaders in New Zealand. The presentation is available on You-tube. The business leaders report being both challenged and motivated. When is change essential to business success?  When your investments right now are well informed by the realities of the forward operating environment!

Interview on Climate Change and Risks  Nine to Noon on Radio New Zealand National, 1 July 9:42 am

Presentation at International Energy Seminar    Prof Krumdieck was invited to France for a week-long think tank about the future of energy. The Energy Shift Project organized a group of experts to discuss what future scenarios tell us. She wraps it up here in this video, focused on EROI.

Presentation to Belgian Parliament    Dr. Krumdieck was invited to Europe to present the AEMSLab research on transition of urban forms to deal with oil supply vulnerability. The presentation to the Walloon Parliament in Namur, Belgium is available here to watch. She was also interviewed by documentary makers and participated in the ASPO9 conference.

EuroVision News   A reporter from EuroVision arranged for an interview with Prof Krumdieck on the integration of renewable electricity into the power grid.

The Futurist    An article on Transition Engineering was published in the magazine published by the World Future Society. Prof Krumdieck, Michael Dale and Kerry King also gave a workshop.

Wise Response. Professor Krumdieck joins 100 prominent New Zealand scientists, engineers, doctors and experts in signing a petition to the government asking them to address critical risks faced by the people, environment and economy of our country previously known as clean and green. The launch of the Wise Response Appeal .  

National Conference: Signs of Change, 15-16 November 2010

New Zealand's first national "no travel" conference was a huge success! You can watch videos of the 10 minute presentations on YouTube. Follow the conference discussion on the blog. There will be a documentary produced shortly about the conference and the topic of emerging sustainability. There will also be a book published next year which uses some of the conference presentations as examples.
Watch the new documentary about the Signs of Change HERE.

Transition Engineering

The Institute of Engineering and Technology selected Dr. Krumdieck as the Prestige Lecturer for 2010. You can watch the lecture HERE. Dr. Krumdieck was also invited to present a lecture on Transition Engineering to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in London September 2011. You can watch this 50 minute presentation HERE.

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