Teaching in Energy Systems Engineering

I have taught into Mechanical Engineering in the subjects of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics, and I have developed and run an industry-sponsored Final Year Projects programme that teaches the communication and project management soft skills. 

I taught the final year elective, Energy Systems Engineering for 20 years. Energy Engineering has been one of the most popular electives. I organised weekend field trips into the amazing New Zealand wilderness. If you are one of the many Energy Alumni, connect with me on Linkedin and let me know how your energy journey is going. 




Teaching Energy Transition Engineering

For the past 6 years I have developed and taught Energy Transition Engineering at Canterbury University in New Zealand, Munich Germany and Grenoble France. I wrote the textbook for Transition Engineering which was published at the end of 2019, and which came out of chapters I wrote for Frank Kreith's book Principles of Sustainable Energy Systems. 

 Ground-Breaking Book on HOW  to achieve the climate safe targets.

There are currently on-line self-paced courses on Transition Engineering and Energy Transition Engineering available from Canterbury University. 


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