Energy Transition Engineering

InTIME (Interdisciplinary Transition Innovation, Management and Engineering)

Six Modules of three lectures each plus a project
Earn a 20-Point Postgraduate Microdential in Transition Engineering
Weekly live tutorial sessions on line
Open to all engineers and appropriate for all disciplines 


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University of Canterbury, New Zealand 

Enrolments begin April 2021

Online course - InTIME©: Interdisciplinary Transition Innovation, Management & Engineering

Learn to move your perspective, get un-stuck from the Business-As-Usual, and discover the real value creation in carbon downshift.

Global warming, resource constraints, pollution, environmental destruction, and now the COVID-19 pandemic means a rapidly changing understanding of the role of engineers. This course will prepare you to contribute to the transition of all current systems and operations. There has never been a greater need for engineering to respond to the challenges of mitigation and adaptation. 

One business leader explained why they supported their team to take the courses:

“We need help with the complex problems of transition to zero carbon while managing all of the pressing demands of our core business and rapidly changing business and social context.”

In times of uncertainty and disruption, policymakers, business managers and communities will need Transition Engineers in all fields to help with the massive transformational changes required. 



Student Feedback:

The course has been very revealing for me. The course has given me new tools and approaches. Having this new perspective is very important for my teaching role and to different projects I'm involved in. Working with specific data, projections and scenarios is very practical. Data is essential when it comes to arguing decisions. It would be very important to have the book in Spanish someday, there are many people that would benefit from it. I want to congratulate you for the course and for your work. 

Cecilia (2020) Argentia. 

Energy Transition Engineering

Energy Transition Engineering

Presented by Professor Susan Krumdieck
Accredited by GATE
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