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Dr. Krumdieck has presented more than 150 invited public seminars, workshops and keynote addresses.  The links below are some popular themes.  If you want a copy of a particular presentation you have attended, contact Dr. Krumdieck.

Renewables and Transition

A video podcast interview discussing the role of renewable resources and resourcefulness in energy transition

Happen Films

Transition Grenoble Metropole, ENSEInstitute, France June 2018

Professor Krumdieck and Jeremy Pascal carried out a Transition Engineering project on the wicked problems of automobile congestion, air pollution, access to affordable housing with high energy standard, all in the context of meeting the COP21 requirement of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The Transition Engineering process and the five shift projects that resulted were presented to a workshop of people from research institutes and companies and the local government. Then a short workshop was held where different working groups framed up a proposal for some of the shift projects and presented their concepts to the local government officials. 

Introduction of the People and the Project (first 19 minutes in French)  What is the Project, What is Transition Engineering?

Results of the InTIME Project and 5 Shift Projects   How did we do it, what are the new ideas? 

Presentation of the Shift Projects developed in the Workshop    What are the Shift Project Ideas for the City?


Science for Energy Scenarios, Ecole de Physic, France March 2016

The third seminar was a week of discussion around the theme of Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI) and how that informs both long-term scenarios and current policy and investment. Prof. Krumdieck was invited to give a presentation on how EROI is used in the Transition Engineering methodology. The presentation also has an example of a energy transition project being carried out with students in Grenoble. 
             Watch the lecture and explore the other presentations. 

Science for Energy Scenarios, Ecole de Physic, France Feb 2014

Prof. Krumdieck was invited to give a presentation on her group's work on future scenarios and Transition. The seminar was a week of presentations by a wide range of experts who gave scenarios about different things, climate, emissions, economy, material resources, electricity, vehicles, oil production... This presentation also give the wrap-up and conclusions from the week of scenarios.
             Watch the presentation, and please explore the other presentations.

The Ultimate Challenge 2014

An invited presentation to the NZ Business Leaders. They asked me to present them with a big challenge. This 20 min presentation includes two new ideas I have had about understanding climate change science and processing our response to the challenge. 
            Video Presentation Here

Engineers Without Borders Conference 2014

The EWB asked for a keynote presentation on Transition Engineering and how engineers participate in social change. 

From the Ground Up, 2013

Presentation on the project to find a way to develop Christchurch and save our city from sprawl.
                Watch the video presentation

World Future Society Conference 2013

Energy Return on Energy Invested - how does it affect future scenarios?  Transition Engineering will need to emerge with the new conditions of net energy decline.

Feature Article in The Futurist


Otago Energy Research Seminar 2013

Lunchtime seminar to a full house on the Transition Engineering Campaign

"business as usual" versus the "transitional" behavioral inertia of different sectors in response to perceived survival crisis: the roles of evidence and collective cultural vision in availability potential of future development options. In plain English – What are we going to do about oil supply decline and climate disruption risk, and who is ‘we’ exactly?

Audio  and  Slides  available from the OERC website

Challenging the Status Quo 2012

Leadership New Zealand Workshop  20 July 2012,  Challenge to Business Leaders, Westpac Business Hub,  Christchurch.  This is Dr Krumdieck's most popular video yet nearing 2000 views.

                Watch the video presentation

Engineering the Transition to the Future City

Keynote Presentation at APC11 April 2012 on Sustainable Transport and Urban Design
Watch the video presentation

Address to the Regional Parliament in Belgium April 2011

Invited presentation and workshop on transition for peak oil
               Watch the video of the invited presentation

               PowerPoint slides

Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE, London, UK, Sept 2011

Invited lecture on Transition Engineering

               Watch the lecture here on PlayitBack

Institute of Engineering and Technology Prestige Lecture 2010
                Watch the video of the IET Wellington Lecture

Otago Energy Research Centre Guest Lecture March 2013

                The lecture introduces the Transition Engineering Campaign 

Making the Right Turn, Planning for the New Transport Future

         Peak Oil Transportation Planning Presentation
                 Watch presentation at NZCSC 21 Oct 2009

Radical Re-Design

Keynote presentation to TrafiNZ national conference 2010
                Local Resilient Low Energy Re-Development Plan

Transition Engineering

Presentation at Earthsong Cohousing eco-neighborhood, Ranui, Auckland

Dangerous Green Energy Myths

Guest Lecture, University of Otago, EIT Hawkes Bay, and TrafiNZ
                 The Power of The Myth

Engineers for Social Responsibility Lecture, Auckland          
                Transitioneering: Large scale change on a small scale

Nuclear Power Engineering
Engineers for Social Responsibility Lecture, Christchurch            
                 Nuclear New Zealand?: Saviour? Nightmare? Nonsense

Nelson Malborough Combined Council, Nelson
                    Advice to Councils: Sustainability Issues

Dangerous Math: The Biggest Problem Facing The Planet
                    Presentation to Environmental Educators, Wellington    
                    Keynote Address Hawke's Bay Environment Awards
                       Environmental Education

Pathways to Resilient Communities
                  Keynote Address, Te Papa Wellington
                 Pathways to meet the Challenge: Critical Change Projects


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