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 Thesis Projects Completed:

  1. Patricio Gallardo Ocampo, Energy transition for freight transportation activities, PhD Thesis (2020), UC Doctoral Scholarship
  2. Johann Land, Antimicrobial coatings for hospital fittings by pp-MOCVD, PhD Thesis (2020), MBIE Research Grant Scholarship
  3. Rukmini Gorthy, Characterization of material processing and properties relationships for pp-MOCVD active black TiO2, PhD Thesis (2019), MBIE Research Grant Scholarship
  4. Niebert Blair, Sustainable energy development for traditional communities, PhD Thesis (2019), NZ Aid International Scholarship
  5. Ming Bai, Transition Engineering of Urban Transport, PhD Thesis (2017), IPENZ Transport Group Best Student Paper
  6. Richard Wijninckx, Experimental monitoring and optimization for ORC, MS, Orion Energy Scholarship (2017)
  7. Denny Budisulistyo, Flexible Design of ORC Plant for Low Temperature Geothermal and Waste Heat, PhD Thesis (2016), Department Scholarship
  8. Hari Murthy, Nano-pore Sealing and Conformality of Low-k Thin Film Materials, PhD Thesis (2016)
  9. Choon Seng Wong, Design-to-Resource (DTR) using SMC Turbine Adaptive Strategy, PhD Thesis (2015), HERF PhD scholarship, Development Engineer, Holmes Solutions.
  10. Michael Southon, Performance and cost evaluation to inform the design and implementation of Organic Rankine Cycles in New Zealand, MS Thesis (2015), TechNZ Scholarship, Systems & Research Engineer, Trimble Inc.
  11. Leighton Taylor, Development of a Low Temperature Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle Standard, MS Thesis (2015), AGGAT Scholarship; Geothermal Engineer, MTL.
  12. Miraz Fulhu, Human Intelligence-Integrated Control System for Hybrid Power Networks for Remote Island, PhD Thesis (2014) Commonwealth International Scholarship, Officer MNDF
  13. Darryl Lee, Development of PP-MOCVD system and its design and operational parameters for uniform industrial coating on 3D objects, PhD Thesis (2014), FRST Scholarship, Department Scholarship; Research Engineer, Koti Technologies.
  14. Janice Asuncion, The Geographic Adaptive Potential of freight transportation and production in the context of fuel and emissions constraints (GAP Analysis), PhD Thesis (2014) AEMS Lab Scholarship, FRST Research Grant, Best Paper Award IPENZ Transport Group Conference 2012. 
  15. Nick Yannakis, Economic Optimisation Of Domestic Solar Hot Water For The Commercial Market Using Consol Evacuator Tube Panels In Christchurch, New Zealand, MS Thesis (2012), Industry sponsorship; Building Services Engineer at Powell Fenwick, New Zealand.
  16. Stacy Rendall, Minimum Energy Transport Activity Analysis from GIS, PhD Thesis (2012) NERI Energy Scholarship, Mechanical Engineering Department Premier Scholarship; Transportation Researcher at Abley Transportation, New Zealand and Derek Halden Consultancy, UK.
  17. Muaviyath Mohammed, Energy Constraint and Adaptability; Focus on Renewable Energy on Small Islands; Case Study: Fenfushi, Maldives, PhD Thesis (2011). Commonwealth International Scholarship, NERI UK Energy School Scholarship; Deputy Vice Chancellor Maldives National University.
  18. Sohel Mohammed, Dynamic Model of Geothermal Power Plant, PhD Thesis (2011). Department Premier Scholarship, Industry Research Sponsorship Mighty River Power, Best Poster NERI Conference, Research Fellow, Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, UOW, Australia.
  19. Michael Dale, Global Energy Modelling – A Biophysical Approach (GEMBA), PhD Thesis (2010). Vice Chancellor’s UC Scholarship, Mechanical Engineering Department Premier Scholarship; Post-doc Stanford University, Assistant Professor at Clemson University, USA.
  20. Samuel Gyamfi, Demand Response in Residential Peak Electricity through ICT Innovation, PhD Thesis (2010). NERI Energy Scholarship, College Scholarship, AEMS Lab Scholarship; Lecturer at Murdoch University, Perth Australia and at University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana.
  21. Montira Watcharasukarn, 3-D Virtual Reality Simulation for Assessment of Constrained Energy Travel Activity Adaptation, PhD Thesis (2010). Brian Mason Scientific and Technical Trust Grant, NERI Energy Scholarship, NZTA Scholarship, Investment and Planning Director, Siam Solar Power Ltd. Thailand
  22. Vilailuck Siriwongrungson, Characterization of Step Coverage and Conformality for TiO2 Thin Films on Nano-Structures by Pulsed-Pressure MOCVD, PhD Thesis (2009). UC Targeted Scholarship; Asst. Professor at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Bangkok,Thailand.
  23. Hadley Cave, Flow Dynamics and Deposition Kinetics in Pulsed-Transition-Regime Chemical Vapor Deposition, PhD Thesis (2008). TEC Top Achiever Scholarship, NASA Best Student Paper Award RGD25; Chief Controller at Airways New Zealand.
  24. Lynher Ramirez, Nucleation and Growth of Zirconia by Pulsed-MOCVD, PhD Thesis (2008). Characterization Engineer, IBM, New York.
  25. Andreas Hamm, Methodology and Modelling Approach for Strategic Sustainability Analysis of Complex Energy-Environment Systems; Case Study: Rotuma, Fiji, PhD Thesis (2007). UC Targeted Scholarship, Pacific Island Trust Travel Grant.
  26. Shannon Page, Regenerative PEM Fuel Cell System for UPS: Design, Modelling, and Experimental Verification, PhD Thesis (2007). FRST Technology for Industry Fellowship, AUPEC 2004 Best Student Paper Award; Lecturer at Lincoln University.
  27. Hyung-C Jung, Numerical Analysis of Laser Forming, PhD Thesis (2006); Lecturer at Curtin University Sarawak
  28. Asdis Kristinsdotter, The Production of Gas Tight Yttria-Stabilized-Zirconia This Films for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using Pulsed-Pressure MOCVD, MS Thesis (2006). Head Project Management, Orkuveita Reykjavikur, Iceland
  29. Jake Frye, Strategic Analysis and Modelling for Wind Energy, MS Thesis (2006). FRST Young Scientist of the Year Award, EPECentre Scholarship; Wind technology engineer with GE.
  30. Jamie Wallace, Development of a Commercial Carbon Dioxide Scrubber, PhD Thesis (2005). FRST Technology for Industry Fellowship.
  31. Michael Saunders, Transport Energy Reliance Analysis, MS Thesis (2005)
  32. Silviu Baluti, Experimental Characterization of Pulsed-CVD Flow Dynamics, MS Thesis (2004).
  33. Lee Liaw, Chemistry Study for Product Development of Carbon Dioxide Continuous Scrubber (CDOCS) Masters Thesis (2004).
  34. Lee Liaw, Market Feasibility of a Carbon Dioxide Continuous Scrubber System, MEM Master of Engineering Management Thesis (2001).
  35. Huong Swee Yii, Commercialisation of an Electric Motor Scooter, MEM Master of Engineering Management Thesis (2001).
  36. Tristan Wallbank, Home Heating and Health, MEM Master of Engineering Management Thesis (2001).


Assistant Supervisor PhD Thesis Completed:

  1. Chin-Wai Lim, Numerical Modelling of Droplet Flash Evaporation and Mass Transport in PP-MOCVD using Quiet Direct Simulation, PhD Thesis (2011). Departmental Premier Scholarship
  2. Siti Masuri, Co-Supervisor, Mechanisms of Silica Scaling in Geothermal Power Plants, PhD Thesis (2012), Malaysia Government Scholarship


International Student Masters Thesis Supervised:

  1. Marjin Winkelhorst, Assessment of the Canterbury Dairy industry utilizing the Transition Engineering & Management framework, Masters Thesis (2015).
  2. Nina Zaadnoordijk, Sustainable water management, water use reduction, grey and storm water treatment and reuse, Masters Thesis (2014).
  3. Alex Krüger, Thermodynamic modelling of a shell & tube vaporizer for ORC processes with respect to liquid level, Masters Thesis (2014).
  4. Frithjof Engle, Experimental Characterisation of the Thermal Performance of a Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger, Masters Thesis (2013).
  5. Mark van Loon, Adaptive Design for Mokai Geothermal Power Plant, Masters Thesis (2009).
  6. Neil Milani, Wind turbines for the Antarctic Research station, Masters Thesis (2009). Works for GE Renewables
  7. Kerstin Eiselbrecher, Supply Exploration of Service – Availability Economic Model for Resource-Constrained Markets, Masters Thesis (2005).
  8. Enno Wagner, Development and Design of a Rapid Response Hydrogen Generator Using NaBH4 to Supply a PEM Fuel Cell UPS System, Masters Thesis (2003).
  9. Heike Raatz, Experimental Characterization of Flow Dynamics in a Low Pressure Reactor with Pulsed Injection MOCVD, Masters Thesis (2002).
  10. Martin Müller, Literature Based Energy Analysis of Solar Parabolic Dish-Stirling-SOFC Power System for Autonomous Operation, Masters Thesis (2002).
  11. Hans-Uwe Berger, Development of a Recycling Process for Manufacturing Plastic Bricks, Masters Thesis (2002).


Thesis Projects in Progress: 

  1. Florian Ahrens, Transition Engineering Labs for Realising Energy System and Economic Transitions, PhD Thesis (2024)
  2. Meng Wu, Data Observatories for Transition Engineering, PhD Thesis (2025)
  3. Jack Boulton, Transition Engineering of Oil and Gas Production Companies RESETPhD Thesis (2025)
  4. Daniel Bishop, Transition Engineering of lighting performance in commercial buildings, PhD Thesis (2021), UC College of Engineering Scholarship, Ngau Boon Keat Postgraduate Scholarship
  5. Maria Isabel Andrade Beltran, Energy Transition of coal district heating of commercial buildings using integrated behavoiur and adaptive capacity design, PhD Thesis (2021), Mechanical Engineering Department Scholarship
  6. Salma Radwan, Heating and heat transfer in pulsed-pressure MOCVD, PhD Thesis (2023) UC Doctoral Scholarship


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