Postgraduate Students

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Denny Budisulistyo, Flexible Design of ORC Plant for Low Temperature Geothermal and Waste Heat, PhD Thesis (2016), Department Scholarship

Ming Bai, Transition Engineering of Urban Transport, PhD Thesis (2017), IPENZ Transport Group Best Student Paper

Sunjin Choi, Modelling for dynamic control, fault detection and optimized operation of geothermal ORC, PhD Thesis (2017), Department Scholarship

Richard Wijninckx, Experimental monitoring and optimization for ORC, MS, Orion Energy Scholarship

Rukmini Gorthy, Characterization of material processing and properties relationships for pp-MOCVD active black TiO2, PhD Thesis (2019), MBIE Research Grant Scholarship

Niebert Blair, Strategic Energy Analysis for Developing Countries, PhD Thesis (2019) NZ International Scholarship.



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