Group Publications in Advanced Materials, Pulsed-CVD Science and Technology

H. M. Cave, K.-C. Tseng, J.-S. Wu, M.C. Jermy, J.-C. Huang, S.P. Krumdieck, Implementation of Unsteady Sampling Procedures for the Parallel Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method, Journal of Computational Physics (2008), doi: 10.1016/

Ramirez, L., M. Mecartney, S. Krumdieck, Nano-crystalline ZrO2 Thin Films on Silicon Fabricated by Pulsed-Pressure Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (PP-MOCVD), Journal of Materials Research, Accepted (2008) March.

Lebedev, M. and S. Krumdieck, Optically transparent, dense a-Al2O3 thick films deposited on glass at room temperature, Current Applied Physics, Vol. 8, 3-4 (2008) 233-236.

Cave, Hadley M., Susan P. Krumdieck, and Mark C. Jermy, Development of a model for high precursor conversion efficiency pulsed-pressure chemical vapor deposition (PP-CVD) processing, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol 135, 1-2  (2008) 120-128.

Jung, C-H, and S.P. Krumdieck, Process Optimization and Sensitivity Investigation in Laser Forming with Finite Element Analysis, International Journal of Computational Methods, Vol. 4, No. 4 (2007) 653-670.

Krumdieck, Susan P., Hadley M. Cave, Silviu Baluti, Mark Jermy, Ady Peled, Expansion transport regime in pulsed-pressure chemical vapor deposition, Chemical Engineering Science, 62 (2007) 6121-6128.

Krumdieck, S., A. Kristinsdottir, L. Ramirez, M. Lebedev, N. Long, Growth rate, microstructure and conformality as a function of vapor exposure for zirconia thin films by pulsed-pressure MOCVD, Surface & Coatings Technology, Vol 201, 22-23 (2007) 8908-8913.

Siriwongrungson, Vilailuck, Maan M. Alkaisi, Susan P. Krumdieck, Step coverage of thin titania films on patterned silicon substrate by Pulsed-Pressure MOCVD, Surface & Coatings Technology, Vol 201, 22-23, (2007) 8944-8949

Hartshorn, R., S. Stockwell, M. Lebedev, S. Krumdieck, Precursor system for bio-integration ceramics and deposition onto tantala scaffold bone interface surfaces, Surface & Coatings Technology, Vol 201, 22-23, (2007) 9413-9416.

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