The new AEMS Lab Facility

A capital improvement grant of $250,000 has been awarded and a new research lab built in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Laboratory wing.

Minni Gorthy's PhD research involves working on characterisation of the nanostructure and compound composition of a novel TiO2 antimicrobial coating. Johann Land is a Chemical and Process Engineer and his PhD project is focused on development of the pp-MOCVD technology for high efficiency, reliability and quality. 

Associate Professor Krumdieck in the new AEMSLab facility with Darryl and Ben.

Ben Reyngood did his Final Year Project developing a bioceramic coating for joint replacement implants. Ben is currently a PhD student on full scholarship studying material science.

Darryl Lee complete his PhD working on industrial scale-up on the PP-CVD technology. Darryl received a full scholarship from the AEMSLab and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


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