Research Supervisors

A multidisciplinary research team is working on further development of this platform for commercial products. The research team includes the following members of staff and collaborators:

  • Prof. Susan Krumdieck, MECH, Director
  • Dr. Catherine Bishop, MECH, modelling of materials
  • Prof. Jack Heinemann, Biological Sciences 
  • Dr. Sarah Masters, Chemistry, modelling of precursor chemistry
  • Dr. Natalia Kabaliuk, MECH, heat transfer
  • Dr. Tim Kimmett, Callaghan Innovations, TiO2 Coatings
  • Dr. John Kennedy, GNS Science, Materials Science
  • Dr. Matt Watson, CAPE, Processing Science
  • Dr. Matthew Polson, Chemistry, material characterisation
  • Dr. Raphael Boichot, Grenoble INP, SIMAP, France, Processing Science




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