B.Eng (Chem), M.Sc (Energy), Ph.D


Vi's Story

I learnt the basic of energy conversion in my master degree from Germany. Renewable energy from sun and biomass attracted my interest. Couples of years ago, I did some research on the hydrogen production from biomass and waste as well as thin film solar cells production. I found that the development of solar cell technology is what I would like to learn more. After contacting Dr. Krumdieck for the opportunity to do a research on thin films production, I have joined in the AEMS group since 2006.

Research Title

Characterization of step coverage by pulsed-pressure MOCVD: TiO2 thin films on 3-D micro- and nano-structures

Research Project



Siriwongrungson, V., Alkaisi, M.M., Krumdieck, S.P., Step coverage of thin titania films on patterned silicon substrate by pulsed-pressure MOCVD, Surface and Coatings Technology,Vol. 201(22-23) 2007, 8944-8949

Siriwongrungson, V., Zeng, R.J., Angelidaki, R.I., Homoacetogenesis as the alternative pathway for H2 sink during thermophilic anaerobic degradation of butyrate under suppressed methanogenesis, Water Research, Vol. 41(18) 2007, 4204-4210


Dr. Susan Krumdiek

Dr. Maan M. Alkaisi


University of Canterbury, PhD scholarship

Vilailuck Siriwongrungson

Vilailuck Siriwongrungson

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