B.Eng, M.Sc, Ph.D


Montira's Story

My research life began in Germany on the topic of hydrogen production out of sewage sludge via anaerobic digestion plus steam reforming. At that time, I found anaerobic digestion is an interesting technique for energy production and waste treatment. Then, I decided to enhance my knowledge in environmental and agricultural area by continuing my research work, on the optimization of biogas production with subsequent use of digestate for crop production,in Denmark for a year before I came to New Zealand. Sustainable transportation is now my new challenging topic. After discussions with Dr. Susan Krumdieck and Dr. Andre Dantas, we decided that study on people’s travel behaviour is a good point to start.

Research Title

Travel Activity Constraint Adaptation Simulation (TACA Sim)

Research Project



Dr. Susan Krumdiek

Dr. Andre Dantas

Dr. Richard Green


AEMS scholarship
Brian Mason Scientific and Technical Trust

Montira Wacharasukarn

Montira Wacharasukarn

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