From the Ground Up: Rebuilding Christchurch as a Sustainable City

Phase 2: High Street at the Uni Pre-Feasibility Study

Over the summer a group of students, experts and volunteers from the university, businesses and NGO's will work to develop the base data that designers and the community will need for a college town re-development in Riccarton. The objective is to carry out the infrastructure, economic, market and geographic investigations so that the University high street reaches the  "invest-able, design-able and consent-able" stage. 

Phase 1: Transition through Rebuild

Phase 1 Launch 22 March 2013

What if you took a 250 year perspective on the development and adaptation of your home city? What if you listened to the intention of tens of thousands of your neighbours in their desire for a sustainable city? What if you took an engineering approach, researched and applied all of the state-of-the-art knowledge from around the world, and the analytical tools of the trade? What if you checked every option and idea with the lens of social responsibility, economic viability, and technical feasibility? You might get a very interesting vision of the possibilities. More importantly, you would understand that the city does not need to sprawl. You would understand that affordable housing is a development choice, not an impossible dream. You would understand that car dominated cities can be re-developed for the transition to a carbon-constrained and oil-constrained future. And most importantly, we will not tell you about Denmark or the UK. We did this project on the streets of Christchurch, and it is an amazing view.

For more information, please see: Rebuilding Christchurch as a Sustainable City

From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up

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